Elston HR Consultants, Inc. provides a wide variety of management and human resource consulting services.

Our consulting services are provided on-site or off-site, or a combination that best meets the client’s needs. Some organizations select our services to supplement an existing human resource department while others find it advantageous to utilize our services in place of a formal human resource function.

The primary role of Elston HR Consultants, Inc. is to facilitate identified, necessary change within an organization in order to enhance the success of the company. Our management, human resource, and training services are intended to improve productivity, efficiency, communication, and employee morale.

We are independently owned and operate throughout the US… Our national affiliations provide us with additional services and benefits that can only be offered through a larger network. It’s a great combination.

Whatever your industry, Elston HR Consultants, Inc. will work with your company to identify needs, develop an action plan, and assist with implementation.


It is the goal of Elston HR Consulting, Inc. to be nationally recognized as a premier provider of accurate and timely HR solutions to the small to mid-sized business community.


  • We will consistently strive to identify and satisfy the ever changing needs of our clients and Associates through an unparalleled dedication to excellence and innovation.
  • We will only engage in the highest level of ethical, social and legal behavior, and will deliver our products and services at a price and quality that represents superior value.
  • We believe excellence is achieved through positive, motivated, highly trained, professional people throughout our group.
  • We are committed to a partnership with our Associates, employees, and vendors through the sharing of a common goal and fostering an environment of trust, respect and openness that will lead to growth and opportunity.
  • We will continually recognize our responsibilities to the communities and environment in which we live and work.
  • We believe our best interest will be served by keeping our company on the leading edge of our industry.

The Way We Work

  • In all our dealings we will show respect for others, communicating openly and honestly and encouraging feedback.Furthermore;
  • We will identify and respond to our clients’ needs effectively and efficiently providing a personalized service.
  • We will provide all our clients with a high level of commitment, personal service and confidentiality concerning their goals and aspirations.
  • We will empower our staff to participate in, and be accountable for, continuous improvement in the quality of all aspects of our business.
  • We will value the efforts and contributions of our staff and seek to develop them effectively to the benefit of the team.
  • We will work in partnership with our suppliers to ensure your requirements are met.

About the Founder & CEO

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Cheryl E. Lumpkin, MA is the founder and CEO of Elston HR Consulting, Inc. She is a seasoned HR executive and Author with extensive experience in leading change-initiatives, achieving specific financial objectives, establishing strategic relationships and driving accountability throughout organizations.

Ms. Lumpkin founded the company in 1999 and successfully conducted human resource audits and investigations, designed recruitment and training programs, designed Talent Acquisition Strategies created employee handbooks, implemented and designed Human resources infrastructure for hiring, training, and safety and evaluated compliance issues for a vast variety of corporate clients.

A graduate of the “Organizational Management” program of the University of Phoenix with a Master’s of Art degree and “Social Ecology” studies at University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Ms. Lumpkin is holder of DDI Facilitator and FIRO-B Trainer certificates.

Ms. Lumpkin served as the Western Regional Human Resources Director for Bowne & Company, Los Angeles, Calif. where she was in charge of recruitment, compensation/bonus, benefits, employee relations, staffing contracts, human resources and payroll information systems, company succession planning and mapping program for managers, internal tracking systems for staffing and PTO reporting and directors and management training programs.

Ms. Lumpkin’s impressive background includes Senior Staffing Consultant for Walt Disney Company, Burbank, Calif. where she had the opportunity to manage the HR division following the acquisition of California Angels and many other start-up entities.  She has provided executive coaching and strategic HR management services for numerous organizations nation-wide.

Ms. Lumpkin and her family reside in Plano, Texas and she is co-authoring a book “Shift” which will be released July 2015.