Territory Sales Manager

ADA Medical Supply provides medical solutions to the metro Atlanta area. We offer a large selection of medical products and services to customers within our community who need home medical equipment. Our staff is trained and certified to offer medical supply solutions based on individualized needs. ADA Medical Supply is committed and dedicated […]

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Managing Your Career: 6 Step Plan

Having an annual physical, yearly car servicing and career assessments are instrumental in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.  Most people spend over 90,000 hours in their lifetime working with a minimal account of time on managing and planning ones career. Unfortunately, like most things we sweep to the wayside, or dismiss , we find ourselves having to […]

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Glossary of HR Terms

For the benefit of human resources professionals, both new and seasoned as well as professional talents, we present a “Glossary of Human Resources Terms”. If, having read the Glossary, you feel that there are any omissions, then contact us.

Absolute ratings
A rating method where the rater assigns a specific value on a fixed scale to the behavior […]

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New Beginnings

Regardless of what’s going on in our lives, we find ourselves in a constant state of change! Change is inevitable in every facet of our being. Corporations are forced to change their strategies to remain competitive in global markets. Entrepreneurs are continuously generating new business ideas and processes. Employees are forced to change […]

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